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Be a part of the Melissa Rotary Project

An Expression of Patriotism and Community Service


     ONE FLAG ($50)

     TWO FLAGS ($100)


Be sure to include your address with the Paypal form or with your check!

Your donation of $50 (check or paypal) for an annual flag lease goes towards local charities and groups while showing your patriotism in your community.To participate, download the brochure below and mail your check, or pay through PayPal donation button. Call 972-850-6765 for questions.  

The Rotary Club of Melissa invites you to join your friends and neighbors in displaying the U.S. flag on major holidays for 2015. The Flag Lease Program is the primary fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Melissa  to provide health, humanitarian, and youth service programs throughout our community and the world.


You help make this possible by supporting the ongoing Flag Lease Program in Melissa.


As a community, we can celebrate freedom and show our patriotism by displaying Old Glory on important national holidays:

When you lease a flag, the Melissa Rotary members will place a capped PVC plastic sleeve in the ground, at ground level, approximately 15” from your front sidewalk or curb  and mark the curb. There are NO brackets or fixtures attached to your home. On the six holidays, a 3’x5’ United States flag, mounted on a 10’ metal pole, is placed in the sleeve.


The flags will be placed for one to five days depending on schedules and weather. We do all the work for you!


We display and store the flags. The flags and sleeves remain the property of the Melissa Rotary Club. Make all checks payable to Melissa Rotary. MC and Visa are accepted.


Consistent with Arlington Cemetery rules, temporary flags may be displayed without lighting at night.


Drive through your neighborhood with pride as the red, white and blue stands proudly.



Your $50 (or more) tax deductible contribution brings beautiful American flags to the streets of Melissa.  The Melissa Rotary is a 501(3)c charity. You can order a flag or flags for residences and businesses in Melissa. Or, you can dedicate a flag in memory of a loved one at a school or approved location or even the Melissa cemetery.


Proceeds from the Rotary sale benefit local schools, organizations, and humanitarian projects in Melissa, the surrounding area and the world.


GET INVOLVED.  Lease a flag.  Better yet—-